Travel Plans

5th March, Anno Domini 2017, we embark on our first journey. Israel. To be more precise, we have a go at the Israel National Trail, a thousand kilometres, some climbing and dragging the dogs, some desert, somewhat cool, somewhat scary.

What will you find on the blog?

Or let’s start with what won’t be found…

You won’t find:

  • Advice, on what are the prices in a given country and how to move about, and how expensive it is, and how to get a visa, and where to sleep, and how much it is. And certainly not arranged into a concise table. Alright, this kind of info will be featured somewhere, but it’s certainly not the purpose of this blog, however I am thankful for this type of blogs as well, since without them I wouldn’t know where to get that visa and how not to get scammed by a taxi driver.
  • There won’t be beautiful photos of the beach and a swimming pool, stroked with a photoshop brush (maybe because I can’t use it) and paragraphs about what a great time we’re having and how we’re soaking sunshine (maybe because we’re traveling on a budget, and travel is a string of ups and massive downs each day).

What will you find here?

There are sure to be long stories. I like those funny the most and somebody once told me that his favorite traveling blogs were those, where something goes wrong (wrong obviously not in a sense of “We were in Africa, we got malaria and our friend has died”). All those stories, where you find yourself in a brand new place and what follows are a series of amazing, scary and funny events, somebody saves your ass, somebody gives a hand, something fails and something doesn’t work out, but eventually by the end of the day everything comes together.

It will be about how it is to travel with two dogs, how the dogs feel about it, how much does it open doors or how heavily does it get in the way. How are the dogs treated around the world and how do my dogs fit into those circumstances. How we swim the seas, hike the mountains, and encounter all this amazingness of the world, staying together.

For my love of interviews and since people intrigue me to no end, I might serve you the exchanges with the most interesting ones to cross our path. They will be about how wonderful and multidimensional life is, how you can make a life entirely differently, to what you’d ever consider, and make your dreams come true.

Is this blog for you?

Yes, if by the morning coffee you enjoy reading how I get my ass kicked for the tenth time on the same day, how I graze my knees in the dirt and try to come up with a way to get a shower or a solution to the issues of the day.

Because what I like about traveling the most is the time slowing down. Without everyday struggle, without bills to be payed. Your responsibilities are getting a warm meal, setting up a tent, reaching point B. And the most far fetched plans are for two days ahead, and these two days are choke-full of events. You fall 10 times and run into difficulties that you have to quickly sort out to keep going. I always experience these two days on the road as I would two weeks at home, and this change of pace is what I would also like to show you, because it’s the essence of travel, keeping track of the time with adventures, misadventures and the most basic of things.

Or maybe you’d simply like to let me take you somewhere else, someplace warm, scary and completely different than where you are now. I want to give you a lot of joy for the sake of principle, that it’s better to give than take. It’s all and it’s the most I could possibly share.