About me


My name is Daria, I write books (I have finished one and I have been meaning to finish another one for a few years now, but these are the kind of books that nobody reads, with an exception of my friends and a couple of obscure literary critics). Furthermore I write articles for papers that best not be mentioned by name (they wouldn’t ring the bell either way, unless you like to get a paper that’s cheapest in every way at the East Railway Station). I also train dogs, which actually is a serious skill, since if I were limited to writing it would drive me crazy. I believe it’s good to have two major skills or occupations. I have decided to assume a position of a modern vagrant with an emergency financial backup and travel the world with my two dogs- Jax and High. I’ve sold all my belongings, keeping only a laptop and an iphone, and purchased an ukulele. With a newly achieved sense of lightness I have bought tickets for me and the dogs. For starters, our journey is intended for an upcoming year, and if we come to enjoy it and fail to die along the way, you might find us on Jamaica, in Guatemala, or in some other country that, for the sake of the dogs, isn’t Australia. It’s not a round trip, we keep moving forward. The most immediate plans involve Israel for the first three months, and then a summer job in Portugal. I don’t know what comes after that, but for one thing I have learned that you can’t predict 100% what will happen in more than three months either way, so we’ll see what life brings us.